101 x Leica

101 short stories and photos taken with Leica

If there's one camera made for telling stories, it's the Leica M. Or any Leica for that matter. Simple, intuitive, focused to the task, or as Leica say: 'Das Wesentliche'.

In 101 x Leica, Joeri van der Kloet, a professional documentary (wedding) photographer, shares 101 pictures that he took with his Leicas and explains why and how he took these images.

Some won awards, some are very personal and a few are just mediocre. "Most pro-photographers only show their best work", Joeri says. "In this e-book I have included some of my best work, but I also wanted to show work that isn't that good, but pays the bills."

Every picture is accompanied by a short background story, my thoughts about the (technical) photographical side and info about the camera and lens that were used.

This e-book is designed to be viewed and read on a tablet, but it works just as well on any computer.

© Joeri van der Kloet, 2017 all rights reserved.

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